Latest iPad rumours: Thinner iPads by end of year?

Don't get that iPad or iPad mini just yet - the buzz is that the line is seeing a refresh including the high-res display for the Mini you've been waiting for.
Apple thinner iPads

More Apple rumours and this time about the next iPad line. According to Bloomberg, sources say that the next iPad will be thinner and the new iPad mini will finally be updated with a high-res screen.


Retina iPad Mini, finally

One big complaint about the iPad mini was its lacklustre screen - the same as the iPad 2's - which put off people used to the Retina iPads high-res displays or anyone who's seen the IPS screens available on Android tablets like the Nexus 7. But some were willing to take that tradeoff for the iPad Mini's cheaper price: starting from RM999.

Inside sources say that the new iPad will take design cues from the iPad mini with a thinner bezel, the first redesign since Apple added high-resolution displays to iPads in March 2012.

When will we see these new iPads? It could perhaps be on Sept.10, the purported date of the launch of the next iPhone. If so, it would mean that Apple would be all prepared for the end-of-year shopping blitz.

Apple will need to keep upping its game as competitors like Amazon and Asus have been introducing worthy Android tablet contenders. Will Apple be able to still keep its throne as the number one tablet choice? Holiday sales are the best way to find out.

[source: Bloomberg]