The Last of Us gets the live-action movie treatment

It was one of the best games of 2013, but will it be an equally awesome movie?
The Last of Us game will be getting the live-action movie treatment

Would Ellen Page play a character in a movie about a game with a character based upon her likeness without her consent? And no, it isn't Beyond: Two Souls. Sound confusing? This'll clear things up. 

Anyway, The Last of Us will be released as a movie under Sony subsidiary Screen Gems, and they’ve already roped in the game's creative director Neil Druckman to pen the script, with participation from other Naughty Dog Studio members.

Don’t worry, Uwe Boll isn’t going to be involved. Instead, production will be handled by Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures, which worked on the remake of Evil Dead.

So far there's no news of what the release date would be, but hopefully it'll be sometime next year. And Sony, if you're seriously looking for a director, please find someone decent. Unless you want a riot on your hands.

Source: The Verge