Laserlight is a virtual cyclist that could keep you safe from accidents

It (virtually) puts you 5m ahead, where drivers can see you
Laserlight is a virtual cyclist that could keep you safe from accidents

It’s a fact that cyclists are just as prone to road accidents as motorists or drivers are, especially when they cycle after sundown and get into a driver's blind spot. But not much has been done to improve the safety of these cyclists – until now.

Recent graduate Emily Brooke created a life-saving device called Laserlight that virtually puts you 5m ahead of your position. Now, we don’t mean that the gizmo creates a 3D projection of you like something out of a sci-fi movie; it’s just a simple aluminium device that combines a laser and light to project a green bike image on the ground (although Brooke did toy with that idea but went with the bicycle beam because it’s more universally recognised). 

According to Brooke, she wanted to create a solution that caters to the urban cyclist, especially those that commute during the evening or night. In addition to making drivers aware of their presence, the device also aims to serve the purpose of alerting pedestrians about to cross the road or drivers just coming out of a junction.

A success story

But the laser only works when it is attached to the bike, and both laser and light can be used together, either on flashing mode or in a constant beam. The light comes with a bracket to attach it to handlebars, is waterproof and the battery charges via a USB cable.

Having gathered £25,000 (RM131,197) in investment in five days on Kickstarter, and completing pre-order shipping in January, Brooke’s now selling Laserlights via Evans Cycles shops in the UK, and on the company’s (Blaze) website.

It’s also raised more than £500,000 (RM2.6 million) in investment from Richard Branson's family and Index Ventures, amongst others. Another round of investment, for £1 million (RM5.25 million), is being finalised. Clearly, many believe in the success of Laserlight.

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[Source: The Guardian]