Kogan's new 55-inch 4K TV costs RM2900

Strewth! Aussie TV manufacturer throws 4K prices on the barbie!

After Polaroid tickled our fancy with a RM3200 4K set, Australia's most affordable tech brand Kogan has come up with another very promising 4K set: 55 inches, 8.3 million pixels, £550 (RM2965). Crikey.

It's a Smart TV, too, running Android 4.2 (with access to Google Play) and upscaling HD content from Blu-rays.   

Unlike the affordable Vizio 4K sets that have been appearing in the US over the past few months, the Kogan 55" UHDTV should go on sale in the UK, making it the first genuinely affordable 4K you can get your hands on in Britain (and Australia, where it goes on sale at the end of this month). The antipodean brand has been slapped on the wrist in the past for openly declaring that its TVs contain displays made by Samsung, and while its new 55-incher is unlikely to square up to the Korean company's 105in curvescreen, it will doubtless give the other tellyfacturers cause for concern. And, fingers crossed, bring some of their prices down a notch.

Of course, because it's an Australian set the picture will be upside down, but this is easily fixed by turning the HDMI cable the other way round. 

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