Kodak to show off Android phones at CES

The company says that it will not compromise on its featureset
Kodak to show off Android phones at CES

Move aside, Nokia. The exit's that way, Sony. Kodak, the grandaddy of cameras, has decided to make a comeback after selling off its film and imaging business. There'll be Kodak-branded Android phones and those with nostalgic dreams of old Kodak moments can now dream of the return of the cameraphone. Not like the cameraphone ever really died but these days no one buys a phone just for the camera anymore.


Say Kodak

In a release, Kodak divulged very little besides it making Android smartphones. No pricing. No specs. No model numbers. The promise here, though, is that the phones will offer a 'high-end experience' minus the fiddly bits. FInally, you can get grandma a phone for Christmas and she won't be calling you everyday to ask you how to use it.

Kodak is all about making these phones all about pictures - specifically taking them and sharing them, while making it super easy. The company says people who want phones like these (anyone who looks at Android phone settings and their eyes start glazing over) are underserved. They might be right. In the Android segment, some phones are definitely lacking in the user-friendly areana.

The company also promises that it will not 'compromise'. We're taking that as, we promise it won't suck. But we've heard that before from Amazon about its Fire phone and everyone knows how that went over.

Looks like CES will be fairly exciting next year from what's come out so far. We're still holding out for a flying car - preferably electric.

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