Klang Valley tolls to go cash-less by end 2016

Time to memorise those toll-less routes for days you haven't topped up your Touch 'n Go

It’s official: the 21 tolled highways in the Klang  Valley will go fully cash-less by the end of 2016.

What does this mean? You’ll have to keep your Touch ‘n Go/SmartTAG or PLUSMiles card topped up and there will be no manual collections.

The good news at least is that there will be a 110 per cent rebate for Class One vehicle users for two months, between Jan 13 and March 12, once the system goes fully cash-less. While the move is deemed more efficient, it's a hassle for some users as you can't just top up your balances at toll plaza nor can you do it online. Maybank offers a service where it will auto-debit cash to keep your payment card topped up to a certain level and most banks allow Touch n Go topups via ATM machines. Investing in a SmartTAG reader might also be a good idea as, at least, it'll make the payment process a lot faster.

But for days when your card doesn't have enough to pay tolls, there's always Google Maps to help you figure out a route that won't involve paying toll.

[Source: Amanz]