KITT on your wrist - New TokyoFlash Neutron watch released

A timepiece with a dash of funky style, if that's your thing

TokyoFlash is known for some of the more outrageous design for watches and they've done it again with the new Neutron. Looking like something out of Knight Rider or possibly even inspired by Battlestar Galactica's Cylons, this might appeal to your stylish inner geek.

The future on your wrist

It works by displaying the time and date in a waving pattern across the front of the watch or pulsing in-and-out. This is activated by either waving your hand around or pressing a button.

Our advice? Stick to the button pressing. Waving your hand around to tell time is fun, but only after the first few 30 times. Bar that, there's also an "always-on" mode for convenience.

Colour options include black, gold and gunmetal for the combination stainless steel/plastic case, and red/white/blue for the LEDs. For power, the battery can be recharged using your bog-standard USB connection.

You can get the watch at a low, low launch price of US$139 (RM 450).

[Tokyoflash via Engadget]