Kids, Scientifically Accurate Santa Claus exists

Because there’s nothing like a bit of Christmas jeer in the form of an animated video ditty

This video from animation unit FOXADHD is a jolly way of breaking the truth to your kids (or that deluded friend) when you finally crack under the holiday pressure.

The mythbuster begins with Santa, as the world knows him, being dressed by his elves. Really normal stuff, you’d think, but then it all begins to unravel in factual rhyme and warped animations set to a familiar sing-songy track, that almost undermines the sarcastic cynicism of the video. Almost.

Lovely tidbits that are tossed out include Mr Claus’ supposed gift-delivery travelling speed, what the sheer weight of all those toys would do to the world and, our personal favourite, what travelling at that speed would do to his face.

Curious? Hit the play button for a few pieces of trivia to casually put an end to merry Christmas banter, fellow Grinches.

Source: YouTube via Gizmodo