Kickstarter Wi-Fi router wants you to ditch your Bluetooth speakers

Spotify-ready gadget aims to make DJ-ing in your living room easy and affordable
Kickstarter Wi-Fi router wants you to ditch your Bluetooth speakers

With all the music streaming services around, you would think there would be more options to stream your music from whatever device you want. You're wrong. 

It is not that simple or affordable especially if you’re dependant on different devices like the poor sod trying to listen to music on his Galaxy Tab via an Apple TV.

Enter Gramofon, a tiny Wi-Fi router that is comparatively cheap when you put it next to what is already out in the market. Just pay US$30 (RM98) and you will get a tiny little box with Wi-Fi and a 3.5-mm jack. All this made by a company called Fon and with assistance from AMol Sarva, who created the device Peek.

As for Fon, the company sells small routers to people and claims to have the largest Wi-Fi network in the world with over eight million hotspots, so you know you're in safe hands.

Fuss-free streaming

Fuss-free streaming

What you can do with the Gramofon is simple plug-and-play music streaming. 

What’s so appealing about it then? Well, it’s cheap for one. And while stereo Bluetooth is a great idea in theory, once you’re out of range, the music cuts off. Incoming call? The music stops too. The Gramofon makes it easier by pulling media directly from the cloud, like Google’s Chromecast, to ensure your music is never interrupted.

You can even sync the Gramofon to your Facebook account to let your friends connect to your device without a password.

For now the Gramofon’s makers have focused on Spotify, but don't worry, there are plans to add other streaming services.

Want one? You'll have to wait for it to be funded and pray it ships over to this side of the world. 

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