Kickstarter revives dead website

Sold to Yahoo, the event listings site is returned to its founder, and now resurrected by crowd-funding site Kickstarter
Kickstarter revives dead website

A year ago, Yahoo brutally shut down, an events listng and networking service built by Andy Baio and sold to the search giant for US$2 million (RM12.5 million) when social networking was at its prime.

But now, Kickstarter is letting it reclaim its former glory by giving it life. In a very atypical move, Yahoo “returned” to Baio for a “nominal sum”, which he accepted and put up on Kickstarter to launch a campaign.

Donors love the reborn app – it raised more than US$84,700 (RM529,375) (at the time of publication), with 21 days left to go. They pledged the US$30,000 (RM187,500) goal within a mere 90 minutes.

Kickstarter is traditionally a platform used to launch new projects – it has put the spotlight on new technologies such as Gramofon, SCiO, Prototypo, and heck, it even got off the ground Oculus Rift (which Facebook acquired for US$2 billion (RM12.5 billion)). But now, it’s motivating the opposite effect – it’s literally the story of Oculus, but in reverse.

Lots of plans

Kickstarter revives dead website

According to Baio, will not look like a “$100 million venture capital backed startup,” as he does not intend to sell the website again (that’s what he promised on his campaign, let’s hope he sticks to it).

Baio wants to develop into an independent and profitable tool, with a “long, slow growth curve.” And also, depending on the amount he raises through his campaign, Baio could possibly hire some help for it. Kickstarter surely has changed Baio’s life.

Moral of the story, the endeavor has put a new limelight on Kickstarter, opening up the possibility of the resurgence of dead technologies.

[Source: Wired]

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