A Kickstarter that pairs a ball, an iPad and your imagination

Calling the Hackaball a 'computer you can throw' is fanciful, but the premise is pretty cool

This week's Kickstarter Staff pick looks rather pedestrian. It's a ball. A rather glowy ball but still, a ball. Made for kids. Meet the Hackaball, a ball that is connected to an iPad app. With said app, kids can control the app's behaviour and program their own games. Perhaps have the ball glow blue and yellow at intervals, then have kids pass them around. When the ball turns yellow, change the passing direction. Simple things like that.

Simple premise, modern execution

The conceit behind the ball is that it will get kids moving and playing, as opposed to the passive iPad-swiping kids and kids in grownups' bodies are into these days.

As to what's inside the ball, there's quite a lot of stuf. Think a processor, memory chip, LED lights, a speaker, gyroscope, accelerometer, vibration motor and of course, a rechargeable battery.

While the ball comes preprogrammed with games, kids (and big kids) are free to invent their own. Apparently the ball has even been used as a prop, a whoopie cushion and even a Magic 8-Ball. Those darned kids and their imaginations, right?

Fancy your very own Hackaball? Cough up US$65 at the Kickstarter page, and it ships anywhere in the world. You can pretend it's a gift for your cousin's kids. We won't tell.

[Source: CNet]