Kickstarter glasses (literally) give you shade if you're not concentrating

Now everyone will know you're nodding off if your glasses turn dark

Imagine a pair of glasses that is about keeping you focused by outing you when you’re losing focus. Via three built-in sensors and an armband, the glasses will monitor your brain waves and if you drift off into la-la-land your glasses will darken. Its creators claim that the effort to keep the glasses clear will be able to permanently train your brain to focus in an instant.



Besides changing opacity, the glasses are also capable of syncing with an app that contains training programs for your brain. Think one of those innumerable brain trainer apps that seem to be popping up everywhere these days.

There is already a working prototype and Devon Greco, the inventor is hoping to raise US$150,000 to mass-produce the glasses.

The trouble is scientists are somewhat divided on the efficiacy of neurofeedback, the principle on which the glasses are based on. Some say it works, some say it's pseudoscience.

Fancy one of these for yourself? Then you’ll need to fork out US$295 at the Kickstarter page if you take the super-early-bird deal. If you miss that, you can then take the next best price of US$345 or just wait until they go for retail at US$375.

[Source: CNet]