Kickstarter carving machine might make an artisan out of you yet

Take away the mess and the hours of intense labour and look, it's your own little carving machine
Kickstarter carving machine might make an artisan out of you yet

Ah, the age of everything being personalised, your phone, your computer, your home, everything, especially with the inventions of everything “3D” (eg: 3D Printers & 3D Pens). Now there is a 3D Carving Machine currently in the making in Kickstarter.

Carvey is a new, remarkably easy to use, tabletop 3D carving machine for making ideas into real objects. This 3D carving Device 3D allows you to make quality objects out of a variety of materials including wood, metal and plastic. Free design software is provided to make carvings in three easy steps. Get your design sorted, choose the materials to be used and then print, that simple.


From novice to expert

Kickstarter carving machine might make an artisan out of you yet

Carvey was designed for makers and designers of all levels, from artists and teachers to architects and engineers. It can blend seamlessly into an office, a workshop or a crafting desk, and be so simple to use that anyone can incorporate it into their practice.

Imagine carving designs and art, and even accessories out of the materials you choose. It is almost like a 3D printer but you get to choose the materials you want, so it makes it a lot more authentic in a way. This would able to help small businesses cut cost by eliminating the need to outsource engraving or designs of any of your product.

The guys inventing this machine has already put in a lot of R&D to make sure the machine does what it needs to do, and so far, it is. The amount that they have received from backers have already exceeded their goal of US$50,000 by more than 1200 per cent.

Below are some nifty features:

  • Automatic calibration so you can click “Carve” to start
  • Case design makes the machine so quiet you can talk on the phone while it's running
  • Seamless integration with Easel software for easy workflow from design to finish
  • Color-coded bit system simplifies multi-cut jobs
  • LED lighting inside the case to keep you aware of progress

Now go pledge for one and indulge your secret fantasies of creating caverns filled with your own creations. It will cost you US$1,999 (RM6,551) for the privilege just so you know.

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