Kickstarter app lets you draw app prototypes into life

Why settle for drawing 'something' when you can sketch working app demos?

New on Kickstarter is an app that promises to make app prototyping as quick and easy as a sketch. Say hello to AppSeed.

Planting the idea for an app

AppSeed prototyping

How does it work? The premise is simple enough. You sketch out your app and then AppSeed captures the design and helps convert selected parts of the sketch into UI elements like buttons.

You can then run the prototype on your device and then share the prototype in an HTML5 format with other people. You can even send the design to a layered Photoshop file to spruce up. It will initially be developed for iOS, but will be ported to Android should the Kickstarter reach its stretch goals.

Currently the Kickstarter has collected a third of its CAD$30,000 (RM92,578) goal with another 16 days to go.

[Source: CNet]