A kickass Kickstarter is looking for superheroes

Of course, the action figure is the pivotal first step into superhero-dom
A kickass Kickstarter is looking for superheroes

Always wanted to save the world, have you? Wanting to lead that double-life – normal citizen by day, masked crime-fighting by night? Good, because You Kick Ass wants and needs some superheroes. The first step, is to create your own action figure.  

There will be difficult choices to make, now and in the time to come. You know the drill. What’s your superpower? Have you got your superhero costume? An alias? A mask? Come on, you’ve thought that far, haven’t you?

Your own merchandise

A kickass Kickstarter is looking for superheroes

If you don’t, good thing you’ve got time. Seattle’s only scouting and looking for recruits but you gotta give ‘em your name or names if you’ve got a partner or a group already. No John Hancock just yet. But when that siren comes, you best be prepared.

Oh yeah, and when that siren comes, they’ll need a face shot of you too. Can’t have your action figure with the wrong head, right? Or hairstyle? You Kick Ass believes in options and you have 30 hairstyles to choose from.

Of course, getting superpowers ain’t an easy feat. You’ll have to leave that to them. But you’ll know when your figure comes. They’ll tell you what you gotta do to get there.

Oh, and don’t forget there’s a cover. It'll cost you to ship your figure and to make it in the guild. And admin costs too, we’d reckon. Something like USD60 dollars a person. You’ll get some cuts if you register as a team. And pay extra for shipping if you live outside the US.

Right, now that you’re looking pretty into this, it’s time for your first assignment. Sorry, kid, I lied, looks like Seattle HQ’s closing the hunt by the end of the day, so you’re gonna have to hurry with that application.

Good luck.

P.S. If being a superhero doesn't float your boat (what's wrong with you) then how about a really cool cooler?

[Source: Kickstarter]