Karen, the creepiest life coach ever but in your pocket

The attempt reminds us just how scary it is that we share so much of our personal information with apps

If you need a self-improvement app intervention, then perhaps Karen might scare you off all those life coach-y apps for good. British art group Blast Theory decided to create an unusual and slightly terrifying app in Karen. Karen asks you questions, and yes, personalises your experience using the data you give her.

You might not want her in your pocket

You could choose to treat Karen as a fun game or you could use the app to see the bigger picture here - how much of your personal data you're giving up to all these personalised apps. Karen, played by actress Claire Cage, seems harmless at first, asking you questions much like those personality quizzes that are all over the Internet.

Then as the days progress and Karen learns more about you, she starts acting weird. Talking to you about her divorce, introducing you to her ex and then inviting you to participate in questionable activities. Soon you'll wonder what you got into and as the app is video-based, it ends up feeling a mite too real.

Fancy trying Karen out? The app will be available on the App Store from April 16, with an Android app in the works as well. We won't blame you if you break up with your smartphone after.

[Source: NYT]