K5 Autonomous Data Machine - the robot that'll keep you safe

Forget sleepy security guards, this robot watchman will work 24/7 without the attitude
K5 Autonomous Data Machine - the robot that'll keep you safe

Drone deliveries and now robot watchmen? We’re really headed into the future now. Called the K5 Autonomous Data Machine, this R2D2-like robot is the brainchild of Californian company Knightscope, and is aimed at improving security in companies, schools, and neighbourhoods.

The robots are watching you

Don’t expect it to tackle a snatch thief or fire lasers (at least not yet) though - judging by the demonstration in the video above, its primary use would lie in monitoring and sensing. It’ll come with an array of tech to this effect, including a video camera, thermal imaging sensors, a laser range finder, radar, air quality sensors, and a microphone.

And what’s a robot if it can’t move around? It'll also feature some amount of autonomy, including the ability to follow a preplanned route.

The K5 is still a work in progress though, and other features including facial recognition and wireless connection to a main server for access to “big data” for analysis, will eventually be integrated in as well.

All they need to throw in now is some limited form of AI, and we might eventually get a real life R2D2. Well, it's either that or the beginnings of the an actual Terminator T1000. 

Source: New York Times