June's the smart oven that will help you cook good

It's Cooking for Dummies in a convection box

Can't even boil water without burning out? Maybe June, the smart oven could help.

June is a countertop convection oven that can cook almost anything that you put in it, be it roasting, toasting, or even broiling. It really stands out from your regular oven with its 5” touch screen and a HD camera on the inside that sends video to your phone via an app. The app also can show you the progress of your cooking “task” on a graph.

With the camera and an in-built digital scale, the oven is able to recognise the different food items and prepare them like a chef but this will very likely take time as the company intends to tap into crowd sourcing data. Still, for an oven, it is fitted with a powerful processor, the Nvidia K1, making it more powerful than most tablets or smartphones out there.

June will be taking the art of food making to the next level as it allows more people to cook better and healthier, again, without burning the house down and it should improve even more as the technology becomes more affordable. It is like the best accompaniment machine to the book “Cooking For Dummies”. June is expected to be launched in the market next spring at the price of US$1,495 but you will need to deposit US$100 as a reservation fee.

[source : backerjack]