The Juggernaut will trike sand, snow, and mud to death

A third wheel is a very good thing in this love affair between man and trail-riding
The Juggernaut will trike sand, snow, and mud to death

You’re a big baby

For riding a three-wheeler? Take a look at it before you pass judgement. That right there's for real men (or women). 


We’re going to hold off on the we-told-you-so, but it seems that the placement of the third wheel in the front instead of the back has suitably impressed you. And it should, grass wither in the cold of its impending shadow, snails sob when they see this coming - nothing is too tall for its crushing presence, except maybe a brick wall. 

It looks impressive, but does it do anything?

The Juggernaut will trike sand, snow, and mud to death

Of course it does. The Juggernaut’s built like a monster - not for crushing small animals in its path but to allow you to ride on soft terrain that you’d otherwise sink slowly into and eventually get stuck in, like sand and snow. It even has an extended wheelbase for better distribution of weight, and low gearing to tackle the toughest of terrains.

But mostly, its ability to overcome obstacles up to 6-in tall is all thanks to its crushing dual-wheel system which also gives it better travel over other fatbikes by 50%. 

Fatbikes? Is that like bikes for fat people?

You’re a terrible person. The term just refers to bicycles with huge tires that are designed to take on unstable terrain like sand, snow, and even mud. But they normally come with two wheels, not three like the all-powerful pavement-crushing Juggernaut. 

Some beach riding at sunset sounds like just what I need

We take back what we said earlier, you're quite the romantic, aren't you? Then the Juggernaut’s the perfect match for you with its increased two front wheel stability. We just hope that you have US$2500 (RM8250) to spare. Otherwise, you’ll just have to settle for long walks along the beach, minus the badass awesomeness you will feel with this. 

Source: Rungu via Gizmodo