Joto’s Alexa-connected whiteboard is not for mums

Alexa, tell my son’s Joto to draw a to-do list: 1) Begin nursing home payment scheme. 2) Tidy room…

But is it art?

A good and fundamental question. If you’re drawing a picture in the app, that is then re-drawn by your wall-mounted, Wi-Fi connected Joto, then maybe. Or, if you’re remotely writing a message to whomsoever’s at home to see it, then that might be art, depending on your use of language. However, if you’ve merely tasked it to draw up the day’s weather report each morning, then that is not art. That is, instead, useful.

Yikes: “art not useful” comment starts 2017 potters' riot.

Well, should you be loathe to put any kind of canvas on your wall without it having meaning, there are some actual artists involved: the company behind Joto have commissioned some press-and-play illustrations for the device from the likes of Anthony Burrill, Fred Deakin, Ben the Illustrator and Will Scobie. Handy if your scribblings are not worth the ink.

But also through the app you can set it up to draw out the name of the currently playing Spotify track, the latest message from your work Slack account or hero Tweets. Or, should you grant Joto access to your teenage nephew, endless representations of male anatomy. Fortunately Joto is able to wipe itself clean. Your mind; not so much.


Ha! I think I want one of these. 

Yeah, that figures. You’ll have to put your money where your mouth is – Joto just launched on to Kickstarter at a starting price of £125 (RM680). Should it fund, and we suspect it will, then it’ll be getting sent out before the end of 2017 and made available for direct purchase then too. In the meantime, you’ll just have to draw your rude messages on the wall with a marker pen.