Jins' Meme glasses will tell you if you’re tired

It's so smart, it connects to a smartphone and gives you a heads up when you’re nodding off
Jins Meme glasses will tell you if you’re tired

Now that we’ve got apps and gadgets telling us how to eat or sleep, as well as measuring and keeping track of our daily activities (including what we do and how we do it), let’s add one more device to the mix shall we?

Here comes the Jins Meme glasses – a pair of eyewear that tells you when you’re tired, because you’re not human (or smart) enough to sense that yourselves.

Okay, it’s probably very valuable when it comes to people driving long distances and needing to be told when to take a break instead of having them fall asleep at the wheel.

The glasses, made by Tokyo eyewear maker, Jins, is a Bluetooth wearable that detects eyeball motion to alert you when you’re about to nod off – it’s linked to a companion smartphone app that will give you the heads-up.

But, the glasses have more functionality than just that; prepare yourselves to be wowed.

One device, double functionality

Jins Meme glasses will tell you if you’re tired

In addition to the above mentioned, the Meme glasses keeps a watchful eye on basic fitness activities, such as calorie tracking or step counting (so it’s useful even when you’re fully awake).

The wearable itself lasts for about eight hours, but you can power it up with a headband attachment with a back-up battery (this will double its operating time). It even can be fitted with prescription lenses.

Although the company hasn’t divulged specific pricing details yet, reports claim that it wants to release three styles of the eyewear in Japan (in early 2015) costing between US$685 and US$979 (S$855 and S$1223).

There’s also no word as yet on an international launch, but we’re hoping it reaches our shores, because who wouldn’t want a wake up call when we’re dealing with the likes of food coma.

[Source: PCWorld]

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