Jaguar patenting tech for eye-controlled windshield wipers

Save your wipers, stay safe in the rain

Jaguar is currently developing eye-tracking technology with Intel and Seeing Machines to help prevent that dangerous state of driving while drowsy. The company’s figured out usefulness for your tech – to trigger wipers.

All clear in the back

The  Driver Monitor System (DMS) as it is called works by monitoring eye movements, even when said eyes are covered by sunglasses. Any indications of sleepiness and the system will alert you to wake up and keep your eyes on the road. But a recent patent is all about using tech to help detect when you need to turn on rear screen wipers.

Using eye tracking, the system can detect when you need to see through it, giving the screen an extra wipe. Anyone who’s ever turned to look behind and been confronted  by wipers that hadn’t yet cleaned the window enough will understand that this is surely a Godsend on super rainy days.

When will we see this tech? Probably on Jaguar’s own Land Rovers first and we could hope that someday we’ll see it on other cars as well.

[Source: Gizmag]