This j5create Wormhole Switch is not a typical USB cable

Get this, and you’ll never need a thumbdrive to transfer files between systems anymore

Once in a while, there’s something that will knock our socks off. And it could be as simple as a USB cable.

Yes. A USB cable. But not just any plain old wire, and when we’re done explaining what the j5create Wormhole Switch does, you’ll be amazed. For a start, it comes with two USB Type-A connectors which will interface with your laptop’s USB ports.

Wait, so how does it even connect to a smartphone, you ask? Ignore everything you think you know about USB cables. Instead of linking up a smartphone with your charger or laptop, the Wormhole Switch connects two laptops together. And it doesn’t matter if you’re using a Mac or Windows PC, it plays nice with both platforms.

What it does is pretty simple - data transfer. Which means you won’t need to transfer files between two systems via a thumbdrive, hard disk drive or even through the cloud. Just plug and play. Voila, you can move files from one system to another. Moreover, it supports Android and iOS devices too. Well, only if you have a USB adaptor that’ll let you jack the USB cable into the mobile devices.

And if you’re like us, working with both Windows and Mac systems on a single monitor, this feature is going to get your attention - shared keyboard and mouse. Because the Wormhole Switch is also a KVM switch. That means any peripherals connected to, say, a laptop can work with another laptop connected via the Wormhole Switch.

Likewise, if your tablet is linked to the laptop, you can even control it with the same keyboard. And at S$60 (~RM160), it's probably cheaper than getting a second Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for your secondary system or tablet.

The downside, however, is the length. At 1.5m, you’ll need to keep the connected systems very close to each other. Honestly, that's a small price to pay for the convenience of linking your permanent workstation with your mobile one for an easy switch and better integration.