iXoost’s F1-inspired speaker dock exhausts all description

The new iXoost 5.1 bluetooth speaker incorporates an actual car exhaust into its design
iXoost’s F1-inspired speaker dock exhausts all description

Yes, your eyes are not fooling you. iXoost’s newest crazy-looking speaker dock does indeed draw its inspiration from the exhaust pipe system of a Formula One car.

iXoost has garnered quite a bit of a reputation for their over-the-top designs, all drawn from – you guessed it – Formula One. Even its name is a not-so subtle reference to its roots. The company hails from Modena, a city with strong ties tothe supercar industry.

The iXoost 5.1 is their latest audio dock, which comes with Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities as well as compatibility with non-Apple devices. Of course, its biggest feature is its stunning look, which features actual exhaust pipes of F1 cars – or a reproduction, we’re not sure – that have been fashioned to fit the drivers (speaker drivers, not car drivers) to give a distinctive sound. The subwoofer is embedded in the birch wood stand, which itself props up the installation of pipes.

The idea of the setup is to reproduce “the technical perfection of the exhaust of a 10-cylinder Formula One engine.” Whether or not car exhaust is the perfect model for speaker design is up for debate, but all we know is if you’re having friends over, they’re not going to complain about the sound the first thing they see it.

A Formula One car nut’s wet dream, the iXoost 5.1 hasn’t quite gotten a firm price tag yet. Digital Trends hazarded a guess of about €3,800 – a staggeringly hefty price that’s actually cheaper than their regular line, which starts from €5,250.

Well, if you want something with va va voom (literally) you have to pay for it.

[Source: Digital Trends]