It's time to change your Yahoo password

Yahoo just got hacked again, and one billion accounts were affected

Just after we had to change our Yahoo passwords because of the last hack, it looks like Yahoo just got hacked again.

Might be time to switch

The company admitted to discovering yet another breach, this one happening in August 2013. More than one billion user accounts were affected, and these are distinct from the 500 million accounts that were reported hacked in September.

Yahoo says the company hasn't discovered just how the data was stolen but they think the data would have included not just names, email addresses, hashed passwords but encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers.

If you are affected, Yahoo will contact you to change your password but you might as well change your password now or consider sticking to a service that doesn't make a habit of discovering breaches but take years to disclose them.

The company is working with US intelligence to attempt to find out more about the breach, but this news isn't going to help the company. How about checking out some simple Gmail tips to make quitting Yahoo easier?