It's iOS update day for all your devices

Apple's just rolled out out software updates to iPhones, Macs, Apple Watches and Apple TVs in one go

Apple's servers are going to be busy today as the company has, unusually, rolled out updates to all its major devices at the same time.

If you've got an Apple device still eligible for updates, the update should already be ready to download on your phone.

Minor bug fixes all around

What devices can expect these updates? iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4th generation and later as well as iPod touch 6th gen and later.

What does iOS 10.2.1 bring to the table? Security updates for one. A fair number of fixes were implemented to address weaknesses in the system, including a previous bug that allowed an activation-locked device to display the Home screen.

Other updates include fixing a vulnerability that allowed malicious websites to open pop-ups as well as other tweaks to stop malicious webpages and crafted contacts from executing code.

For Macs, it applies to anyone running on the latest MacOS Sierra. MacOS 10.12.3 will improve automatic GPU switching, resolve Adobe Premiere Pro issues, searches for scanned PDFs as well as PDF compatibilty issues (pertaining to those exported with encryption enabled) and issues with third-party apps importing images from digital cameras.

The Apple Watch gets watchOS 3.1.3, likely to make up for last month's Watch-bricking 3.1.1. It's primarily a bug and performance fix and should be safe to download.

Also making the update boat is the Apple TV, with its OS updated to tvOS 10.1.1.

Of all the updates, we'd suggest making the iPhone update a top priority thanks to the multiple security flaws it addresses.

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[Source: GSMArena]