It’s hardly a surprise – Huawei might have an LTE smartwatch in the works

MWC might be home to the unveil of Huawei’s wearable running Android Wear

Huawei's taking baby steps, and is inching closer to the level other tech vendors are at. We recently saw the launch of its Ascend Mate 7 and Honor 6 Plus smartphones, and now, rumour has it that it’s got a smartwatch in the works.

Huawei's released two teaser images, which obviously don’t give away too much but that doesn’t mean we’re still not going to speculate what they mean. The text “Next is here” on both of them could refer to its next step of launching a smartwatch, since it recently confirmed that there will be one sometime this year.

In one of the teaser images, a crescent-shaped curve with a star at the end is shown. This could hint at a curved Huawei smartwatch. We’ve seen the Samsung Gear S with a curved screen, and the Motorola Moto 360 with its curved watch face, so the unofficial smartwatch could sit alongside them.  

Both teasers also reveal the presence of 4G LTE, meaning that the watch could be a stand-alone unit with support for the high-speed networks. Rumours also indicate that the wearable device will run on Android Wear.

A source close to Stuff has identified that there will be a wearable device shown off at the upcoming MWC 2015 conference in March. But apparently, that would be the only device it’s launching at the event (sorry if you were expecting more smartphones), so we’ll just have to wait until Huawei’s scheduled press event to confirm rumours.    

[Source: GizmoChina]