iTron is the fast-charging monster battery pack your iPhone needs

You’ve got 99 problems but a flat smartphone won’t be one

Sick of your smartphone running out of charge before the day is done? The iTron promises to be a cure.

When something calls itself the iTron and touts itself as “the world’s fastest recharging portable battery”, you kind of have mega expectations for what it can do. And so far its claims are pretty impressive.

The 9000mAh portable battery promises to recharge a 1810mAh iPhone 6 in a lightning-fast 3 minutes. As for the iTron itself, it juices up in 18 minutes, which is time enough for you to plug it in, start on your morning ritual, and have it ready to go by the time you are. 

The iTron consists of a portable charger as well as a charging hub and dock with 3 USB ports to charge your other devices at the same time. It might last you well into your iPhone 8 too seeing as it’s good for more than 1000 cycles.

Intrigued? It hits Kickstarter in February for US$50 (RM220), but you can stalk its site for more details during this time.

Source: DesignTaxi