Is it a drone? Is it a robotic bird? No, it's a Bionic Bird

A smartphone-controlled robot bird, if RC helicopters are just too old school for you
Is it a drone? Is it a robotic bird? No, it's a  Bionic Bird

If drones are too boring, then why not one that looks like an actual bird? Bionic Bird is an update of earlier mechanical bird toys that were pretty much just simple amusements.

Using a combination of Bluetooth 4.0 and an app, you can control the Bionic Bird for a range up to 100 metres. Its creators call it a "furtive drone" - meaning it doesn't so much look like a drone as much as something that looks like a bird if you squint hard enough.

The Bionic Bird has wings, wings that actually flap. So much so that other birds either think it's one of them or scope it out to see if it would like to join them for dinner as the main course.

As to its construction, it's made of elastic foam with carbon fiber wings. This bird is hardy enough to take a few bumps without it being weighed down too much to fly.

What do you get with this bird? It has, among other things, a remote-controlled tail and by 2016, could even come with an HD video camera. So, a spy bird. You also get about 10 eight-minute flights after just 12 minutes of charging, which is a pretty good deal.

iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPad mini devices are already supported for this iteration of the Bionic Bird while Android and the latest iPhones will be compatible by early 2015.

Seems it isn't just other birds or cats who find Bionic Bird interesting as the Indiegogo campaign for it has soared past US$25,000 to reach US$97,000 (as of press time)

Pay just US$120 (RM399) for either a way to spy on your neighbours or entertain your cat for hours. Don't forget to add another US$30 for international shipping.

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[Source: Techcrunch]