iRumour: New iPads are on the way, and they may have anti-reflective technology

If this leak is true, the next generation iPads could be easier to use in daylight
iRumour: New iPads are on the way, and they may have anti-reflective technology

The next generation iPads are already in Apple’s production pipeline and they could be out as early as the end of this quarter or early Q4, if you believe Bloomberg’s anonymous sources.

The details aren’t yet public, but these sources have indicated at mass productions of a full-sized 9.7in tablet, along with a new version of a 7.9in iPad mini. And these units are said to boast anti-reflective coatings on their screens to facilitate use in the day, or for that matter, any other bright light situations.

But, they also said that the new anti-reflection coating may cause manufacturing complications and disrupt the production of the bigger iPads, leading to the rollout of the upgraded minis before the larger ones hit stores.

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Nothing else was revealed about the revamped devices, but if these leaks turn out to be true, they’ll most likely come with improved processors, or the same one that will grace the upcoming iPhone 6.

This move might help pick up Apple’s dipping iPad sales, and considering that iPads are Apple’s second biggest product category (after its iPhones), the company should be looking at more ways to boost its growth.

We’re not sure if the anti-reflective technology will have people queuing up for days to get their hands on it, but their redesigned sizes might certainly do the trick to inject some energy into its sales, since people love the larger-screened devices these days.

But before that, we’re eagerly expecting the launch of the purported 4.7in and 5.5in iPhone 6 models – said to be out on 9 September; the anticipation itself is killing us. 

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[Source: TechCrunch