Experts Say Skip The iPhone XI And Wait A Year For iPhone 2020

Apple insiders reveal 2020 iPhone with drastic features.

The iPhone XI is shaping to be a failure even before its release, with leaked renders showing off its ugly three camera setup that does not give consumers confidence in Apple’s upcoming smartphone. That said, there’s a lot of goodwill for what comes after the iPhone XI.

The 2020 iPhone or presumably the iPhone XII, is expected to bring a radical change to the iPhone formula, similar to the changes the iPhone X had brought to the table previously. As we’ve covered before, the 2020 iPhone will most likely come in 5.7-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.7-inch sizes,  features full OLED screens, and will also have a 5G version.

Apple insiders from JPMorgan have since released renders of what this new 2020 iPhone could look like, showing a notch-less design, as well as confirmation of this new iPhone using a new under-screen True Depth camera. Security-wise, this will also allow for FaceID, and even a new in-display TouchID. These insiders have also confirmed that 5G will be available for all models of the 2020 iPhone, as well as at least 2 of the 3 models offering 3D distance mapping Time of Flight capabilities, with virtual and augmented reality functionalities.

With all these added capabilities, experts are saying that consumers should stay clear of the upcoming iPhone XI and instead wait another year for the major step-up the iPhone XII seems to be providing. Hopefully, all these leaks will come to fruition as 2020 rolls around.