Ugly Leaked iPhone XI Design Is A Total iSore

Not the iPhone you’re looking for.

Apple fans have been getting short-changed lately when it comes to the latest iterations of  iPhones; from the omission of headphone jacks and especially falling behind on trends and innovations that their competitors like Samsung or Huawei are riding on. By the looks of things, the latest leaked renders of the iPhone XI isn’t going to bolster any confidence either. 

The initial leaks came from OnLeaks earlier this year, and given OnLeaks’ spot-on predictions, most people have taken these leaks as fact. The leaks has shown that the latest iPhone will feature 3 rear cameras which their competitors, namely the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 have already adapted. The designs of the iPhone XI showed promise in functionality, but severely lacked in style.

The leaked designs has now been updated, thanks to Japanese site Macotakara. These new leaks looked like major stepbacks for the company, looking to plain while also derivative to their competitor’s design. With the 3 cameras and the camera flash housed in a neat square on the back on the phone. If these leaks are to be taken as fact, then gone are the sleek sheen that iPhones are known to have, for a more plain design.

This might just be the mark of Apple’s downfall, the iPhone X didn’t do as well as its predecessors, and the XI might just be the final nail in the coffin. Only time will tell if the iPhone XI will truly succeed.