The iPhone XI Will Be Apple’s Last Smartphone To Use Lightning Cables

Say goodbye to another Apple staple.

What makes Apple standout is the unique design elements and aesthetics that they keep throughout the many iterations of their products. But just like the lost of the 3.5 mm headphone jack, some things were not meant to last and as such another Apple staple is about to be phased out.

According to reports made on 9to5Mac, the upcoming iPhone XI will be the very last iPhone to feature Lightning ports, meaning it will be the last iPhone to charge through Lightning cables. With more recent Macbooks featuring USB-C charging and functionalities, it seems that Apple is making the same move with their smartphones too.

The Lightning port has been the iPhone’s main source of power charging and also became the place to connect your earphones once the 3.5 mm jack was removed. It has been a feature since the iPhone 5, iPad 4 and the first iPad Mini. Last year’s iPad Pro was the first tablet to opt for USB-C instead of the Lightning connector, so it is surprising that Apple isn’t making the shift with this year’s iPhone XI.

All in all, it seems the Lightning cable will have its last hurrah this year. It’s nice to see Apple embracing the more universal USB-C, and will surely be a hit with fans when it’s used on 2020’s iPhone model.