iPhone user manages to get Android Wear working (somewhat) with his phone

The mod lets Android Wear work much like a Pebble, for those who can't just wait for the Apple Watch

With the gamut of Android Wear devices being released, you can't blame iPhone users for feeling the wearable watch envy. Instead of just waiting for an Apple Watch, Android developer Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh (known in the Android community as MohammadAG) decided to see if he could make his iPhone 6 'talk' to his Moto 360 smartwatch.

Without needing to root or jailbreak anything, the crafty dev managed to enable sending notifications from the iPhone 6 to the watch.


Maybe just get a Pebble?

How did it work? Well, a small app needed to be installed on the smartwatch and by using the Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS) that comes with iOS 7 and above, Bluetooth connectivity is the bridge to pass notifications from the iPhone to the smartwatch.

Passing texts and simple notifications is all you can get right now, though with that simple setup. None of the other Android Wear magic like email, navigation and Google Now will work.

With Apple being rather cagey about its Apple Watch details, you can't blame iPhone users for trying to see what they can do with what's currently on the market. The sheer range of smartwatches that work with Android Wear is certainly tempting though hardly enough to make Apple users want to jump ship.

Or you know, maybe just get a Pebble in the meantime? Just saying?

[Source: The Verge]