This iPhone case solves a major selfie problem

CaseCam lets you put down the smartphone and take a snap
This iPhone case solves a major selfie problem

We’re all faced with a first world crisis when it comes to taking selfies on a smartphone – our overly huge extended arm that sticks out like an unsightly branch. Well, now you might see it, but soon you won’t.

There’s an unofficial new iPhone case on Kickstarter, named CaseCam, that will soon let you take pictures without having to hold the phone – it sort of doubles up as a tripod. What that also means, is that you can join your friends in a picture, instead of having an odd one out take it when there’s no one to ask for help.

If you’re thinking along the lines of your iPhone camera not having a timer function for pictures, fret not. The CaseCam comes together with a free app that has a timer built-in. 

Got your attention yet?

This iPhone case solves a major selfie problem

How it works is very simple – there’s a flip-out kickstand, which has a mirror attached to it so what it basically does is take a picture or video of what it sees on the reflection of the flip-out mirror. Just as all mirrored images, it will come out flipped, but the app will fix it for you. 

In addition, if one of your friends you’re snapping the picture with has the app, you can connect both devices over Wi-Fi and have a glimpse of yourself on the secondary device (you see what the camera sees) before you go snapping away.  

And of course, not forgetting to mention the primary purpose of the CaseCam – it functions as a case. The unit will be compatible with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S and is expected to retail for about US$40 (RM128) upon launch but is now available for US$25 (RM80) if you’re an early backer.

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[Source: Business Insider, images: Kickstarter