This iPhone 8 concept has two screens for double the smashing fun

If Apple makes this, we’ll eat our SIM cards

The iPhone 7 (or 6s, or whatever it’s going to be called) doesn’t even officially exist yet, but that hasn’t stopped someone from whipping up a ludicrous iPhone 8 concept.

Designer Jermaine Smit has stuck his fingers up at reality by creating an iPhone with two screens - a 2K one on the front, and a 480p one on the back - killing off the home button in the process.

The rear screen is meant to be used for basic browsing and messaging, while the high resolution front display takes care of gaming and movies, theoretically saving battery life.

The secondary display can also be used for framing selfies using the main camera, providing the benefit of an LED flash to light up your mug to boot.

Oh, and wireless charging is also crammed in, though how that would work with dual displays is a mystery.

At this point we’d have thrown in a set of wings so that the handset can fly around following us all day, but we suppose that would just be silly.

[via Pocket-lint]