iPhone 7 leaves MacBook Air, Note 7 in the dust during speed tests

Apple's new processor makes it king of the benchmarks

Apple's new A10 Fusion chip is super speedy to the point it's beating all other phones in benchmark tests, and even Apple's own laptops.

The processor to beat

In the Geekbench tests, Apple's single-core Geekbench test numbers were almost twice its nearest competitor with the A10 scoring 3450 to the Samsung Galaxy S7's 1806. Multi-core testing was closer though, with the iPhone 7 scoring 5630 to the Galaxy S7's 5213.

It wasn't just the competition. The iPhone 7's A10 processor gave it scores higher than any MacBook Air Apple's made, except for the 2015 MacBook Air with an Intel Core i7. Even then it scored 5650 to the iPhone 7's 5630, with the phone beating it in single-core points with 3261 to the MacBook's 2989.

YouTube channel Phonebuff took a different tack, comparing the iPhone 7 to the Galaxy Note 7 in a race to see which phone would open basic apps faster. The iPhone 7 pretty much won every trial, finishing loading each app twice before Samsung could finish an app run once.

This doesn't mean that the Galaxy Note 7 is slow or laggy - it just means that the iPhone 7 is really, really fast.

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