iPhone 6s could come with 12MP camera sensor, but no dual-lens

Looks like the iPhone camera upgrade will be little more than a minor tweak

A rumour has been going around stating that the Apple iPhone 6s will be fitted with a 12MP RGBW sensor from Sony rather than the usual RGB sensor. This rumour came about when a Chinese news site was seen quoting Japanese media claiming of the switch.

So what is the additional “W”? The White sub-pixel aims to improve low light performance of the camera, though the current iPhone camera does function pretty well in low light.

There is also a possibility that autofocus speed will be increased. If this is true, this is a pretty decent improvement on what is one of the better photo-taking phones out there. The rumours however may put paid to whispers that Apple is planning trying out a dual-camera system.

With all the rumours coming out, it's pretty certain that the iPhone 6s is pretty much in the pipeline. But how will Apple top the already high sales of the last iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models? We'll just have to see.