The iPhone 6 will come in 24-carat gold or platinum

Does it matter that the iPhone 6 isn’t yet official but a pimped up version of it is?
The iPhone 6 will come in 24-carat gold or platinum

If you’re intending on taking the leap and proposing to your partner soon, don't put a ring on her finger. Instead, try this 24-carat gold, pink gold, or platinum iPhone 6 – we’re not kidding.

Even though the iPhone 6 isn't official, US-based designer and vendor of luxury accessories Brikk has made available the highly anticipated smartphone for pre-order with these extravagant versions.  

And if you want a little extra bling to embellish your handset, you can adorn the eminent Apple logo of the gold or platinum units with a carat (colour D and clarity VVS1 if you must know) of diamonds. If that’s too showy for your liking, you can have your non-plated black or white iPhone 6 models’ Apple logo jeweled with the diamonds too.

The range, named the Lux iPhone 6, will come in a 4.7in size with 128GB of memory and is expected to hit the market after Tim Cook shows it off at its inauguration, which we’re expecting to happen sometime in mid-September.

A preview of what's coming

The iPhone 6 will come in 24-carat gold or platinum

Going by the images Brikk’s posted, the iPhone 6 seems like what sources have been speculating the flagship smartphone to look like.

But of course, beauty comes at a hefty price. Be prepared to fork out from US$4495 (RM14,296) for the plated versions, while the plated diamond logo models cost US$8395 (RM26,700). For now, a US$500 (RM1590) deposit gets you in line for the pimped out model.

The luxury range should ship out within three to four weeks of the official iPhone 6 release.

For those of you that can’t be bothered with a 24-carat gold version of the iPhone 6, rumours indicate that there could be a gold coloured version of the device, just like its iPhone 5S predecessor. Which, by the way, won’t cost you an arm and a leg like the Lux iPhone 6 range.  

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[Source: Forbes and Business Insider, images: Brikk