This iPhone 6 video leak is slicker than an Apple ad

Russian YouTuber gives us our best look at the upcoming model so far
This iPhone 6 video leak is slicker than an Apple ad

It’s only a week until Apple officially unveils the iPhone 6, but already the world knows more about it than they did any previous iPhone pre-launch.

Well, Russian YouTuber Rozetked has another leak to add to the pile – and this one’s probably the best yet.

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The iPhone 6 next to an iPhone 5s
Look, it's the iPhone 6's innards

The slickly-produced video shows off a grey 4.7in iPhone 6 from every conceivable angle (including the inside) and appears to confirm a number of features: NFC; a proper inset Apple logo made of metal; and curved glass on the front (which is apparently not sapphire glass, but still feels better and looks more transparent than the iPhone 5s’s Gorilla Glass screen).

Apple’s 9th September launch event will likely show off not just this model but a 5.5in iPhone 6L “iPhablet” and maybe even an iWatch wearable too. So stay tuned, because we’ll be covering it live.

[Via: 9to5Mac]

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