iPhone 6 Plus users complain of crashes, could just be too many apps

Users reporting crashes had over 700 apps installed
iPhone 6 Plus users complain of crashes, could just be too many apps

Reports of Apple iPhone 6 Plus users complaining of their phones crashing have popped up on Apple's Support Communities. The threads have gotten pretty popular, with one already garnering 9,000 views and 60 replies.

The thing is, apparently the users with problems tend to be those with the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus and have installed more than 700 apps. Let's just let that sink in now: 700 apps? Where would someone find time to use 700? Anyhow, another thing noted is that the crashes happen randomly even without using the phone.

Too many apps spoil the iPhone?

What is causing the crashes? Some are blaming the recent iOS 8.1 update and some are wondering if that maybe it's app incompatibility with the latest version of iOS.

Some users have managed to get their iPhones replaced or exchanged though some are still waiting for Apple to get back to them about possible repairs or reparations.

Apple has not commented as yet on the issue though perhaps this would be something they had not anticipated. In the past, with 64GB being the size cap users were not as keen to keep every single app they downloaded. When you only had 16GB of space, it was even more imperative to not keep an app around if it wasn't needed or used on a regular basis.

The new larger storage space means you have people who don't want to delete apps at all. Is the iPhone 6 Plus unable to deal with so many apps on one phone? We'll just have to wait until Apple figures that one out.

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[Source: Appleinsider]