Is that the iPhone 6? Nope, it's leaked spy shots of the ZTE Nubia Z9

Said to be the Z7’s successor, this alleged device looks oddly similar to Apple's latest smartphone
The ZTE Nubia Z9 shows up in leaked spy shots

It’s been a while since we heard rumours of a ZTE branded device, let alone seen the unveiling of one – the last we reported on was the launch of its Nubia Z5S Mini. It might have been a while since but ZTE could be looking to stir up the handset market yet again with a new device.

Spy shots have been making their rounds, as a result of leaked images on Weibo, and sources are claiming it’s the successor to the Nubia Z7. But instead of Nubia Z8, these sources are identifying the unit as the Nubia Z9, since historically, ZTE went from the Nubia Z5 to Z7.

At one glance at the leaked images, we can tell that the smartphone’s got really, really thin lateral bezels for its screen. It also sports a distinguishing red circle to indicate the Home button (it has been a trademark on its other Nubia handsets too).

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But as much as a makeover it seems to have from its predecessor, all we can think about is its uncanny resemblance to a white iPhone 6 unit. Only the front of the smartphone was pictured, so we can only compare its looks from that surface.

Sadly, that’s all we know for now about the handset, which leaves a huge gap that needs to be filled in terms of rumours about its specifications, camera, pricing, or any other information of that sort.

However, it’s been said that the Nubia Z9’s supposedly due out before the end of this year (which means in the next six weeks or so) but as a word of caution, we’ll advise you to take this with a pinch of salt till more concrete rumours come by.

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[Source: GSM Arena, image: Weibo