The iPhone 6 might sport wireless charging and NFC support features

Rumours of Apple’s next smartphone surface and it’s also said to be bigger and faster
The iPhone 6 will apparently sport wireless charging and NFC support features

Apple’s putting the finishing touches to its next iPhone and you might spot functionalities that include wireless charging and near field communication (NFC), if you are one to believe rumours swirling about the industry.

According to VentureBeat, which says it’s spoken to “sources close to the situation", Apple’s currently in the midst of testing the smartphone’s “speed, durability, and network performance”. 

But it'll be a while before the full NFC functionality gets rolled out (or possibly, even never) as Apple was reported to have built it into the handset, but decided to back out as a result of mobile payment systems being unpopular or not being “mature” enough.  

In the event that NFC does take off, Apple could be working on a mobile payment system of its own to rival Google Wallet and ISIS. Rumours of an NFC-enabled iPhone has been floating around for years, so if this is any indication of the direction Apple’s taking, it will signify a change in Apple’s perspective.

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It may be new and improved

It may be new and improved

As for its wireless charging feature, the source claims that the iPhone 6’s design will include a surface beneath its shell that connects to an inductive charging unit, letting you charge your phone without having to plug it in.

The speculated iPhone 6 will be an upgrade to the current iPhone 5S, with other features that also include a bigger screen display (4.7in or/and 5.5in), as well as faster Internet speeds. The source indicates that there will be an upgrade to the LTE radio within the handset – from the current Category 4 to a Category 6 antenna that'll mean faster data retrieval for you.

Stylistically, it might also be worth noting its possible thinner bezels for more display space on the face of the phone. But none of these upgrades are yet set in stone – more definitive details might be made available closer to the launch date of the iPhone 6, which is possibly in August or slightly later in September to coincide with iOS 8's release.

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