The iPhone 6 might reach our shores in August

Stiff competition might have led to the deviation from its usual September launch date
The iPhone 6 might reach our shores in August

The Apple lovers, or some may call them a cult, are eagerly awaiting the release of an iPhone 6, and so are the Android worshipers (just to compare specs and point out why Android is better since lovers will love, and haters will hate).

Whatever the case may be, Apple might be releasing the next iPhone model in August, instead of during its stipulated go-to-market timeframe (by industry watchers) in September.

That’s if you believe Taiwanese media, the Economic Daily News, and the fact that Apple’s been pushing sales of its iPhone 5C and 5S lately.  

The media site said a larger, 4.7in screen version of the iPhone 6 will reach stores in August, but didn’t identify which markets will get the units first. 

It cited unidentified supply-chain sources as saying Apple’s attained parts from a number of Taiwanese suppliers, such as mobile phone lens maker, Largan Precision, and wafer maker, Visual Photonics Epotaxy, for a handset named iPhone 6.

In addition, it claimed that electronics contract makers, including Pegatron and Foxconn, have been advised to put their assembly lines on stand-by for the handsets around late June.

Bigger is better

The iPhone 6 may reach our shores sooner than we think

Why the bigger units? Industry watchers have mentioned that Apple’s decided to roll out this version as sales have been hit by new big-screen models from its biggest mobile competitors, like Samsung and HTC.

A month is a very long time when it comes to smartphones' lifespan, and the launch of a bigger iPhone 6 could help the company grab vital market share, especially from those that desire a larger display.

But the electronics conglomerate won't just stop there. A rumoured 5.5in or 5.6in model is also planned for September, producing an estimated total of 80 million iPhone 6 units in 2014.

We’ll just have to wait for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, scheduled for 2 June, to confirm the rumors.

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[Source: AFP