The iPhone 6 has ALREADY gone on sale in China

And there’s not one but two sizes available for pre-order
The iPhone 6 has ALREADY gone on sale in China

Even before the iPhone 6 has been formally introduced to the world, it’s already gone on sale in China.

Apparently, one of China’s biggest mobile carriers, China Mobile Beijing, has already started taking pre-orders for the smartphone and China Daily has mentioned that it’s ringing up sales with more than 33,000 orders for the unit since yesterday.

In addition to that, by putting the model out for pre-order, it’s accidentally confirmed that there will be two versions of the iPhone 6 (just as former rumours and leaks have alluded to). Sources have indicated that the China Mobile Beijing site promoted a 4.7in and a 5.5in iPhone 6.

But when we tried searching for the pre-order, we couldn’t find the link or maybe, China Mobile Beijing’s taken it down since then. China Daily also mentioned that on the pre-order page, there is no word of a release date or when the consumers will be getting their hands on the device. Neither were there any accompanying images for us to get a glimpse of its looks.

Pricing leaks

The iPhone 6 has ALREADY gone on sale in China

Pricing details for the iPhone 6 were out too, but in Hong Kong instead of China. Leaked numbers on a price tag has been making its rounds on the Internet and they’re set to be a bunch of premium priced mobiles.

The 4.7in model will purportedly cost HKD6663 (S$1075), HKD7671 (S$1238), and HKD8679 (S$1400) for the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models respectively, while the 5.5in version is said to be priced at HKD7923 (S$1278), HKD8931 (S$1441), and HKD9687 (S$1563) for the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models correspondingly.

And if there is the 128GB iPhone released, you can be sure that’s going to carry an even more eye-watering price tag. 

Apple’s due to launch the iPhone 6 next week and rumour has it that it’s making its way to Singapore on 19 September, so keep watching this space while we give you the lowdown live from the launch. 

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[Sources: GSM Arena, and China Daily, image: GSM Arena