This iPhone 6 case will never have any scratches, ever

Why? Because it’s got self-healing powers
This iPhone 6 case will never have any scratches, ever

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be coming to Malaysia soon, so until then, you i-lovers should be looking into accessories for them if those provided by Apple isn’t your cuppa tea.

And with a new accessory like Innerexile’s Hydra case, you won’t need another. How so considering that the case is the one that takes most of the beating, bashing, scuffing and scratching when we use it?

We’ll let you in on a (not so) secret – the Hydra has Wolverine’s self-healing powers, meaning that it’ll pretty much heal itself from scratches. Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re talking about mutilating it and then letting it patch itself up, it’s more like recovery from light scratches (it apparently takes about 30 seconds for the scrapes to disappear).

An almost indestructible body

This iPhone 6 case will never have any scratches, ever

But this isn’t technology that we’ve not seen – it pretty much works the same way as LG’s G Flex smartphone, which also has the ability to mend itself from minor scratches. So you can expect somewhat of the same result from the Innerexile Hydra case. 

The case is made of polycarbonate, and boasts an overall thickness of 7.9mm, as well as a weight of just 12.9g, so it shouldn’t make your iPhone 6 bulky at all. 

The Innerexile Hydra will be available for purchase from 19 September, for US$25 (S$32) (Turk and Taylor, Aggregate Supply, Stich, and AC Gears will carry it). You can also have your pick from three transparent colours – clear, black, or pink.

Here’s something to take note of though – the company will only selling the casing for the 4.7in iPhone 6, meaning that for those of you who want one for your iPhone 6 Plus, sorry but you’re out of luck until October. 

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