iPhone 5S will read your fingerprints

Goodbye slide to unlock – hello scan to unlock
iPhone 5S will read your fingerprints

Well iRumour mill, you were right. The fresh-faced iPhone 5S does have a fingerprint reader built right into its Home button. Here, have a cookie.

The new Home button is circled by a stainless steel detection ring which activates it when it detects your touch and is made from laser-cut scratchproof crystal sapphire (the same magical material used in high-end watches) and houses an honest-to-goodness fingerprint scanner called a Touch ID sensor.

The built-in sensor can scan your chosen digit in any orientation to unlock your device, and the you can use it to authenticate App store purchases – a godsend for users that are sick of having to type out a password to download new apps.

Best of all, your Touch ID won't be stored anywhere but on the iPhone 5S itself. It won't make its way to Apple's servers and it won't be backed up to iCloud, so rest easy beneath that rather fetching tinfoil hat.

Despite Apple's reality distortion field, the iPhone 5S isn't the first phone to feature a fingerprint reader (hello Motorola Atrix) but it will certainly be the most widespread use of the security technology in a phone and it could be more accurate, requiring nothing more than a press as opposed to a swipe.

We're looking forward to the iPhone 5S' fingerprint reader being put to the test with latex gloves ink prints and whatever other scanner-bypass tricks Hollywood has come up with over the years.

Stay tuned for our full iPhone 5S review and don't forget to check out its colourful new brother, the iPhone 5C too.