iPad Pro could cram a 12.2in screen and dual speakers into a body no thicker than an iPhone

Rumours of Apple's big-screened iPad just won't die

Whispers of a super-sized iPad Pro refuse to die out.

The latest rumours come courtesy of Japanese site Macotakara's mysterious 'unnamed sources', which describe an iPad that will bring the fight straight to the door of the 12.9in Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

Contrary to past rumours, the site now claims that the iPad Pro will have a smaller 12.2in display, along with dual speakers.

If true, that will make the iPad Pro the first iSlate to land with stereo speakers - a feature already present in HTC-made Google Nexus 9.

The source also believe that the Pro will also apparently be as slim as an iPhone. Given that the iPhone 6 is 6.1mm thin, the iPad Pro will still be a little fatter than the ludicrously svelte 6.1mm iPad Air 2 - but still not chunky by any means.

We're taking this all with a large bucket of salt of course, and we expect the rumours to rain down even harder as the reported January-March release date draws closer.

Stay tuned for more info, as and when we get it.

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[Macotakara via Apple Insider]