iOS Latest Updates Brings Back Bug That Enables iPhones And iPads Jailbreak And Hacks

Time to be extra careful

Apple has always been about privacy, but it looks like their latest software update has done the complete opposite. The iOS 12.4 update is the latest software update that can be downloaded on your iPads and iPhones, but there is now a bug, which was previously removed in iOS 12.3, that has returned. This bug allows iPhones and iPads to run unsigned codes and users to jailbreak their phones.

The worse part about this bug is that others can hack into your iPhones and iPads if they want to. Fortunately, Forbes reported that the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max will not be affected because they’re running on the A12 SoC. The other good news is Apple is probably developing iOS 12.4.1 as we speak so that this bug can be eradicated for good.

But until you can get the next update, as always, be extra careful of what you're doing on your iPhones/iPads to ensure that jailbreakers take advantage of this situation and jailbreak their devices.