iOS 9 may include a dedicated smart home app

Just another app to add to Apple's proprietary list

Apple is said to be planning to release an app that is designed to manage smart home products, which will begin shipping in June. Versions of iOS9 that include an app called Home, which allows users to set up new smart home produts, group them into different rooms, connect them to an Apple TV, and find new products to buy, are currently being tested by Apple employees, according to 9to5Mac.

This could mean that the app is mostly for setups, not really to control your smart home which is where apple’s HomeKit comes along.

There could be a possibility that this app is just for testing and won’t see the light of the market but according to 9to5Mac, the app has a few screens that allows people to find new smart home apps and products. Unfortunately Apple is not responding to that comment.

HomeKit is intended to be the basis of smart home products which allows multiple devices within the same home to connect to each other through iOS. The devices can then be controlled via Siri and third party apps, such as apps from specific smart home products released by that specific company. So far the only app that can control HomeKit is only Siri but people still need some way to set up those smart home products and a dedicated Home app seems like the smart way to do it. If the app is for real, we will hear about it on the 8th of June at the Apple’s Developers Conference.

[Source: TheVerge]